Women’s Graphic Tees With An Attitude, For All Purposes

Ambishes Diva is more than a brand. It is each one of us ladies.The company was established to provide all women with comfortable, cute, and funny tees with sayings that send a message. Each shirt comes with a different saying and they are designed from the best creative minds and passionate hearts. We sell tees that have a whole lot of passion and a little bit of attitude. We want Ambishes Divas to feel confident in expressing themselves. Ambishes Diva graphic tees come in all shapes and size so no woman is left out. Our products do not set any limitations on who can wear them. We pride ourselves in serving women, moms, working moms, boss moms, single moms, stay at home moms, grandmoms or any demographic you may fall into. Every fabric is soothing to the skin and made of the highest quality materials. You can use our size charts to enhance your shopping experience. We are here to create more than a fashion statement. Ambishes Diva's focus is to create a community where women uplift and support other women. Ambishes Diva stands for so many things. Ambitious, strong, classy and girl power are our top values. Women empower women Choose a color, choose a saying, choose a T-shirt that is all YOU!
Who is an Ambishes Diva?
She is a strong and confident female who seizes each day to make her dreams come true. She is determined to succeed, hard-working, loving, and grateful. She empowers women like her to be strong with ambition. An Ambishes Diva is beautiful. They are you and they are me! Our brand is aimed at allowing an Ambishes Diva to express her feelings. We ensure you can wear your confidence like a queen and explore the power of a woman.
The voice behind your Graphic Tees!
I began this brand in loving memory of my dad, my hero who suddenly passed away on July 4, 2016. I have always had a passion for women supporting women by empowering each other. Each of us having the confidence to express our deepest thoughts. My husband, DJ Blackice and I started this company with lots of encouragement on his part because I believed starting a small business of my own was crazy. I’m thankful for his consistent and good advice and unwavering support when I lost my beloved father.  Ambishes Diva stands for so
many things but comfort, fashion, and girl power are our top values. I am a T-shirt lover who has a t shirt for every mood and occasion.